About The Late Breakfast

The Late Breakfast started life as part of the marketing strategy for Tangram Limited in Abingdon in June 2005. It was conceived as an alternative to the very structured networking clubs. We are not a club and have no membership, joining fees or annual subscriptions. It soon developed a life and identify of its own and attracted guests who liked the idea and format of an informal, friendly business networking group. As the brand grew in reputation Tangram were approached by other people/groups who wanted a meeting in their area.

Currently there are two groups running in Chalgrove and Thame. Very soon there will be a new group in Reading East. The ethos of The Late Breakfast has always been to create business-networking events that were friendly, stress free, welcoming and generally easy to be a part of. We see the key differences between us and other networking groups as timing – we start at 9am rather than the usual 7.30 or even earlier, the casual approach – no membership, no formal referral process and a true belief that business opportunities are generated between people who trust each other.

We operate an 'open door' policy and everyone is welcome whatever their business or profession. There are no forced 1 or 2 minute presentations from individuals to the room, our networking is very sociable and done face to face with whoever you meet or choose to talk to.

Events are loosely in 3 segments around the 9-10.30am core time. The first 30 mins or so is for arrival, socialising, networking. Any presentation that has been organised will then take place in the next 30 minutes together with an opportunity for people to announce any special events they are associated with that may be of any interest to others present (business, charity or personal) This will then leave 30 minutes till whenever for people to carry on networking, socialising etc Often arrivals start at 8.45 and others stay till 11.There is a slight variation at Chalgrove where the events run from 9.00-11.00am to accommodate longer presentations from key note speakers.

Christine Rayner - Founder & host (Chalgrove)

Christine started Tangram Limited in 1997 and created The Late Breakfast in June 2005. Starting and growing her own business has given her an intimate knowledge of all the frustrations that can confront start-up and fledgling businesses and the need to get them working along the right path as soon as possible and then maintaining their direction.

Christine says “I love the way The Late Breakfast has developed. Our sponsors share our values and have been great supporters of the events in many different ways. We have been fortuante enough to find some really great speakers who bring real value to the audience. In the end though it is our guests that make for these great events – like mind business people wanting to share information and experience.” Christine hosts The Late Breakfast Chalgrove with Chris Williams from Jennings (sponsors of this event).

Peter Rayner - Host (Thame)

Peter joined Tangram in 2009. A Commercial Accountant with plenty of experience with retail, service and industrial companies, he provides office based support, research, statistics and analysis for clients.

He’s your first point of contact with The Late Breakfast and the first person you meet when you attend one of our events whilst the rest of his involvement covers almost everything in between! He currently hosts the meeting at Thame.

Chris Williams - Host (Chalgrove)

"We love co-hosting the Late Breakfast at Chalgrove! Our whole team gets involved, especially when it's a full house - Louise and Linda help out with welcoming people on the doors as they arrive, Rosie and Robyn our Reception team make sure everyone knows where to go, Pauline our housekeeper keeps all the food and drinks topped up and Chris, Paul and Donna make sure all our guests are relaxed and happy.

We're now into our 4th year and we're still seeing record numbers of guests coming along which is fantastic. With a great list of Guest Speakers, a varied group of friendly local business people, not to mention the lovely spread of bacon butties, fruits and pastries this is definitely an event to add to your networking calendar!"

Merrill Jacobs

Merrill is a web designer based in Abingdon. His goal is to create websites with impact which meet clients' objectives by focusing on the needs of the user. He combines creative flare with the know-how of web design. Merrill prides himself on his technical ability, attention to detail, and his customer focused working style.

Merrill says "The Late Breakfast was the very first networking event I went to. I was extremely nervous but I couldn't have been given a warmer welcome. The Late Breakfast is a fantastic way to meet local business people in a relaxed environment." Merrill designed and built The Late Breakfast website.