Business Networking Events - What do I do?

by Christine Rayner

Business networking is such a great tool for any business but it can be really nerve racking going to those initial meetings. Turning up at a venue and walking in to a room full of people can be really scary - even if you recognise some of them. So in the first instance let’s look at how can you make it easier?

  • First of all remember they are all just people like you
  • Either get there really early so you are the first and you have time to chat with the organisers and meet people as they arrive
  • Or wait around outside to buddy up with another guest - they will probably be grateful to have someone to walk in with as well
  • Arrange to meet someone you know outside and go in with them.

Once you are comfortable (or as comfortable as you can be) don’t be afraid to move around the room - on the whole people are really friendly and like talking to new people. As we often hear it is important to listen as well as talk. Try to make your first thoughts about how you can help people and don’t become over focused on selling. If you want to meet a particular person or business don’t be afraid to ask the organisers for an introduction.

Keep in your mind that one of the best parts of business networking events are the connections you are making and the relationships you are building. You will find support, advice and information so keep an open mind. In the next blog we will explore the elevator pitch/one minute presentation and other types of presentations.

What would be your best tip for anyone new to networking?