The 60 second or elevator pitch

by Christine Rayner

So far we have explored the types of networking events and what to do at a meeting. In this blog we are exploring presentations you may get the opportunity to do.

In many meetings you will be invited to do a 1 minute presentation about your business. Practise to make sure you keep to one minute, say who you are, what you do for your customers and the type of leads you are looking for. As a rule of thumb thing about 20secs intro, 40 seconds about the solutions you provide for your customers and 20 seconds about the type of leads you are looking for and your close. Telling a short story can be very effective - but keep to the one minute. Rehearse your pitch so that you know it takes just one minute, use humour and don’t forget to clearly say your name and the name of your business.

In membership groups members are also given the opportunity to do a longer presentation of say 10 minutes. The key to success is to prepare well and practise. When you are planning your presentation think about what you want to achieve from the presentation - you may want to showcase your skills by going through a case study or perhaps you want to explain more details about your business. Do try the presentation on a friend or colleague to check for relevance and that you are achieving your goal. If you want to try something different think about a quiz - make it fun and offer a prize.

The more casual groups are often looking for speakers - volunteer if you feel comfortable enough about presenting to a larger audience. Give useful information perhaps hints and tips away - don’t do a sales pitch. Perhaps a mini workshop, this can be particularly useful for trainers. The preparation is the same as any presentation - plan, practise and share.

What has been the most memorable presentation you have seen - what did you learn and what was the worst (without too much detail)?