Business Networking Survey

by Christine Rayner

The Late Breakfast celebrates 10 years since its first meeting in June 2006. The main aims were to make networking accessible - we were one of the first to move away from the early morning networking. We found that a number of business owners had other responsibilities early morning that made it difficult to attend those very popular early morning meetings - these included the school run, looking after horses or for some simply that they were not morning people.

We also found that a high number of small business owners were not confident about speaking in public - so a one minute presentation filled them with fear and stopped them from going to formal networking meetings.

The Late Breakfast was formed on the belief that people buy and recommend people they like and trust. This can only happen if individuals take time to build relationships and get to know one another.

We have seen many embryonic businesses grow into successful organisations and we have been very proud to contribute to their success in some small way.

We have noticed that networking has changed - many events struggle to get good numbers and lots of others have disappeared. So we thought we would conduct a survey about business networking - we would love to have your input please click THIS link and help us to understand more about this very important marketing tool.

At the beginning of 2016 we will share the analysis with you..

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